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List of Doctors in Gleneagles Hospital Singapore

Gleneagles Hospital Singapore Address: 6A Napier Road, Singapore 258500 Telephone Contact Number | Hospital Mainline: +65 6473 7222 Gleneagles Singapore 24 Hour A&E Helpline: Line 1 +65 6470 5688 Gleneagles Singapore 24 Hour A&E Helpline: Line 2 +65 6470 5700  Popular Clinical Specialties in Gleneagles Hospital Singapore ENT Doctors (Ear Nose Throat Specialists) at Gleneagles Hospital Singapore Dr Chew Khet Kuen Dr Huang Shoou Chyuan Dr Jason Hwang Siew Yoong Dr David Lau Pang Cheng Dr Leong Hoo Kwong Dr Lim Chong Teck Dr Loh Kok Kit Dr Stanley Ralph Ernest Popular Conditions treated: Sinusitis, Sinus infection, Tonsillitis, Allergic Rhinitis Treatment, Sleep Apnoea Popular Procedures : Sinus surgery, Balloon Sinuplasty Obstetricians and Gynaecologists at Gleneagles Hospital Singapore (alphabetical order) Dr Ang Huai Yan Dr Chan Kong Hon Dr Chan Weng Buen Cathryn Dr Chan Tanny Dr Chen Christopher Dr Cheng Peggy Dr Chew Peter Dr

Health Screening Singapore: How do you know which screening tests to get?

Is it time for a check-up? Which screening tests or health screening packages to get? Screenings are tests that look for diseases before you have symptoms. Screening tests can find diseases early, when they're easier to treat. You can get some screenings in your doctor's office. Others need special equipment, so you may need to go to a different office or clinic. There are many private companies and hospitals in Singapore promoting health screening packages in Singapore. It's also clear from browsing around forums and popular healthcare marketing sites that there is a lot of myths and misinformation being spread. Researching online is not as simple as one might think as misinformation could lead you to be scammed by health scams or you could end up with an unnecessary procedure.  Which tests you need depends on your age, your sex, your family history, and whether you have risk factors for certain diseases. Therefore, its not as simple as doing some online rese