Singapore General Hospital (SGH)

The Singapore General Hospital is located in the Bukit Merah district and more precisely at Outram Road, Singapore 169608. It opened its doors in 1821 and was the first public hospital in Singapore. In 1926, it had 800 beds compared to 1, 785 today. It treats about 1 million patients every year thanks to its 9888 doctors, nurses, and specialized counselors.


Hospitalization costs

> Hospitalization costs
Room class“Ward A” (1 bed) : 467 SGD / day
Room class “Ward B1” (4 beds) : 251 SGD / day
Room class“Ward B2” (5 bdes) : 79 SGD / day
Room class “Ward C” (9 beds) : 35 SGD / day
> Hospitalization cost for Emergency
Consultation : 121 SGD

> Cost of hospitalization for surgery, Singaporean Citizen
Private room : 214 SGD / day
Recovery Salon : 47 SGD / day
Headquarters : 30 SGD / day
> Cost of hospitalization for surgery, Permanent Resident
Private room : 214 SGD / day
Recovery Salon : 81 SGD / day
Headquarters : 51 SGD / day
> Cost of hospitalization for surgery, Private Client
Private room : 214 SGD / day
Recovery Salon : 132 SGD / day
Headquarters : 63 SGD / day

> Cost of first consultation, Singaporean Citizen
Consultant Senior: 39 SGD
Consultant : 39 SGD
Associate Consultant: 39 SGD
> Cost of the following consultations, Singaporean Citizen
Consultant Senior: 39 SGD
Consultant : 39 SGD
Associate Consultant: 39 SGD
> Cost of first consultation, Permanent Resident
Consultant Senior: 59 SGD
Consultant : 59 SGD
Associate Consultant: 59 SGD
> Cost of the following consultations, Permanent Resident
Consultant Senior : 59 SGD
Consultant : 59 SGD
Associate Consultant: 59 SGD
> Cost of a first consultation, Non Resident
Consultant Senior: 162 SGD
Consultant : 140 SGD
Associate Consultant: 126 SGD
> Cost of the following consultations, Non Resident
Consultant Senior: 118 SGD
Consultant: 103 SGD
Associate Consultant : 88 SGD
> Cost of a first consultation, Private Client
Consultant Senior: 147 SGD
Consultant: 127 SGD
Associate Consultant: 114 SGD
> Cost of the following consultations, Private Client
Consultant Senior: 107 SGD
Consultant: 93 SGD
Associate Consultant: 79 SGD


Specialized centers and services

Allergy Centre

The Allergy Centre is a specialty of Singapore General Hospital. It treats all allergic disorders in adults. The most common allergies are skin, drug, and food allergies. Asthma is also treated there.

Diagnostic services provided by the center:
– Dermatological diagnosis
– Ig E blood test
– Diet assessment
– Drug Evaluation
– Assessment of lung function
– Inhalation of Methacholine
– Exercise test for asthma
– Nasendoscopy

Treatment service deployed by the center:
– Sublingual immunotherapy
– Anti-Ig E treatment
– Anaphylaxis
– Asthma
– Tips to avoid allergens

Outpatient Surgery Centre

This specialized center focuses on patients who have undergone or are about to undergo surgery. It serves them as a place for psychological preparation but also as a post-operative rest area. In the case of prolonged stays or for a recovery of a few days, patients are sent back to more traditional hospital rooms.

Services deployed by the center:
– General surgery
– Orthopaedic Surgery
– Plastic Surgery
– Otolaryngology
– Hand Surgery
– Obstetrics and Gynecology
– Colorectal Surgery
– Liver biopsy
– Abdominal puncture

Ambulatory Endoscopy Centre

The Ambulatory Endoscopy Centre treats patients through endoscopy. This is a procedure set up in order to be able to visualize certain organs from the inside thanks to a camera inserted through external orifices (nose, mouth, anus…). The best-known case is probably colonoscopy, which consists in visualizing the colon.
The doctor provides his patients with top-of-the-range equipment, such as his removal process, the first of its kind to reduce the risk of infection.

Services deployed by the center :
– Bronchoscopy
– Gastroscopy
– Colonoscopy
– Endoscopic ultrasound
– Cholangio-Pancreatography Retrograde Endoscopic

Centre for Autoimmunity and Rheumatology

This specialized center focuses on patients with immune and rheumatological disorders. Autoimmune diseases are characterized by disorders of the immune system. Rheumatology focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue and joint disorders.

Services deployed by the center :
– Autoimmune connective tissue diseases
– Inflammatory arthritis
– Crystal-induced arthritis
– Degenerative arthritis
– Steroid-induced Osteoporosis
– Advanced Therapeutics Infusion Service
– Musculoskeletal Ultrasonography

Burn Centre

It is the only specialized burn center in Southeast Asia. It takes care of its patients from the moment they are admitted to the hospital until post-hospital remission. It only cares for people suffering from burns with serious complications.

Services deployed by the center:
– Care of adults suffering from a burn representing a minimum of 15% of the total body surface area.
– Care of children suffering from a burn representing a minimum of 10% of the total body surface area.
– Fluid resuscitation
– Burns affecting specific areas such as the face, hands and perineum
– Burn with an inhaled component
– Burns resulting from electricity, chemicals or molten metals
– Untreated burns requiring surgery

Centre for Assisted Reproduction

The Assisted Reproduction Centre focuses on all patients with fertility problems and aids them in their desire to have a child. Thanks to its 30 years of experience, the center is able to diagnose and evaluate the fertility of its patients and then accompany them through the process of assisted reproduction. Every year, the Singapore General Hospital enables more than 2,500 children to be born through this process.

Services deployed by the center:
– Basic ovulation monitoring
– Ovulation induction
– Intrauterine insemination
– In vitro fertilization
– Intracytoplasmic injection of semen
– Blastocystis culture
– In vitro oocyte maturation
– Cryopreservation of ova, embryos, and spermatozoa
– Sperm, egg, and embryo donation programs
– Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)
– Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS)

Center for Digestive Diseases and Hepatitis

This center focuses on all gastroenterology or liver disorders. Diagnosis, treatment and operation will be carried out in the same center, thus allowing a quick and efficient follow-up.

Services deployed by the center:
– Dietary follow-up
– Drug Management
– Endoscopy
– Treatment of Malabsorption Syndromes
– Treatment of Liver and Bowel Cancer
– Treatment of chronic hepatitis and liver failure
– Treatment of Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disorders

Haemodialysis Centre

This center takes care of patients with kidney problems. Kidney failure is treated by dialysis, which consists of the replacement of kidney function. This treatment removes excess waste, toxins, or accumulated water from the blood.

Services provided by the center:
– Acute Intermittent Haemodialysis (AIH)
– Haemodialysis with sodium modeling
– Insulated ultra-filtration
– Heparin-free dialysis
– Low-efficiency slow dialysis (SLED)
– Haemodial filtration
– Support for Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT)
– Liver Dialysis with Albumin
– Charcoal hemoperfusion
– Plasma exchange

Centre for Diabetes and Metabolism

This center focuses on all patients suffering from diabetes and other metabolic diseases, such as hypertension or kidney problems. The center provides a multidisciplinary team of nurses trained directly in the hospital thanks to the diabetes training provided by GHS, as well as specialized doctors and surgeons. For kidney problems, the hospital provides a number of services, in particular, its Kidney Transplant Program, which allows patients to evolve in an environment conducive to their recovery.
Dietary and medication advice allows a post-hospitalization follow-up. Diabetes often leads to podiatric, cardiovascular, and renal complications. A large number of services to make life easier for patients are set up and easily accessible as they are implanted directly in the specialized center.

Services for diabetes :
– Personalized consultation on diabetes
– Podiatry Department
– Photograph for the detection of diabetic retinopathy
– Diabetes Advice
– Dietary advice
– Diabetes for young adults
– Diabetes in Pregnancy
– Insulin pump
– Continuous monitoring of blood glucose levels
– Bold Liver
– Detection of periodontal disorders

Endocrinology Services :
– Weight management and obesity
– Thyroid Aspiration
– Osteoporosis
– Transplantation endocrinology
– Endocrine testing

Kidney services :
– Nephrology
– Kidney disease
– Hypertension
– Acute renal failure
– Chronic kidney failure
– Peritoneal Dialysis

Vascular Surgery Services :
– Diabetic limbs
– Vascular diseases
– Detection and treatment of aortic aneurysms
– Vascular access for renal dialysis
– Venous diseases

Podiatry Services :
– Biomechanical examination
– Prescription of orthotics
– Shoe recommendations
– Therapeutic treatment
– Ulcer management
– Routine foot care
– Nail surgery
– Cryotherapy

Peritoneal Dialysis Centre

This specialized center is fundamentally linked to the Diabetes and Metabolism Centre and the Haemodialysis Centre. It takes care of patients and refers them to the peritoneal care best suited to their needs. It also takes care of walk-in patients who develop complications following peritoneal dialysis.

Services deployed by the center :
– 24-hour nursing service
– Continuing patient education
– Conferences
– Newsletters
– Informative web page

Centre for Eating Disorders

This specialized centre treats all patients suffering from eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia. The multidisciplinary medical staff consists of psychiatrists, psychologists, dieticians, doctors, therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, art therapists and nurses. With a wide range of therapies, the GHS ensures a personalized physical and psychological follow-up of the patients.

Services deployed by the center :
– Psychiatric services
– Art Therapy
– Dietetics
– Family Therapy
– Ergotherapy
– Physiotherapy
– Psychological treatment

ENT Centre

This center specializes in the treatment of Nose, Throat, Ear, Head and Neck disorders. The team of doctors and nurses respond to patients’ needs such as snoring, voice problems or nasal allergies. It has a clinic specializing in sleep disorders and has a wide range of diagnostics and treatments to meet these needs.

Services deployed by the centre :
 Sleep disorders
– Snoring
– Head and Neck Surgery
– Lane disorder
– Otology / base of the skull
– ENT disorder in children
– Rhinology / Nasal Allergy / Sinus Surgery

Gastrointestinal Centre

This centre deals with all intestinal disorders. It treats chronic constipation, pelvic floor disorders, rectal prolapse (when the rectum slips out of its original place and comes out of the anus) and foie gras disease. It provides a specialized medical team as well as state-of-the-art equipment, such as fibroscans, allowing a detailed analysis of the liver.

Colorectal services :
 Treatment of Pelvic Floor Disorders
– Anorectal diagnosis by manometry
– Anorectal Rehabilitation by Biofeedback
– Measurement of pudendal nerve motor latency
– Colonic transit marker study
– 3D endo-anal ultrasound
– 3D endorectal ultrasound
– Dynamic Transperineal Ultrasound
– Transrectal ultrasound-guided biopsy
– Transanal Irrigation
– Percutaneous stimulation of the tibial nerve
– Stimulation of the sacral nerves

Gastroenterology Services :
– Endoscopy Capsule
– Esophageal Manometry
– pH monitoring
– Esophagus monitoring
– Glucose and Hydrogen Breath Test

Hematology Centre

This center at the Singapore General Hospital focuses on the treatment of blood and bone marrow disorders. Depending on the needs of the patient, different treatments and follow-up will be offered. It has a wide range of diagnostic and treatment options to treat both malignant and benign blood disorders. The problems treated are anemia, coagulation disorders, clot formation with potential complications, blood cancer, bone marrow failure, and general hematology with nutritional supplements or certain stimulating hormones.

Services deployed by the center:
– Administration and advice on anticoagulants
– Reversal of anticoagulation
– Perfusion
– Outpatient hemophilia clinic for day treatment
– Inpatient Chemotherapy
– External consultation
– Post-Hospitalization Cancer Follow-up
– Clinical Trials
– Stem cell transplantation
– Nutritional Supplements
– Red blood cell stimulating hormones
– Steroids and other immunosuppressive agents.
– Diagnosis and Treatment of Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes

Centre for Health Evaluation

The Health Assessment Centre provides screening and general health assessment for each client in need. This individualized service allows the specialized physician to refer patients in their medical decision and allows the patient to clarify his or her situation. A number of tests adapted to the age, sex, medical history, and the physical situation will allow the concerns of the individuals to be addressed.

Services deployed by the center:
 Health Assessment Module 1: 364 SGD
 Health Assessment Module 2: 749 SGD
 Cardiac Health Test : 422 SGD
 Optional Individual Surveys
 Health Assessment: Beneficial to All
 Complementary Health Assessment
 Complementary Health Assessment: Gender-based
 Complementary Health Assessment: Illness-based

Hearing and Ear Implants Center

It is a world-class center for managing hearing disorders. As the first specialized center for hearing and ear implants in Southeast Asia, it offers a variety of programs tailored to the needs of all. Through therapy, medical and surgical services, and state-of-the-art equipment, the center treats more than 2,300 patients each year. It is with the aim of improving the quality of life of people suffering from hearing problems that this center has set up an exceptional program, “Listen & Talk”.

Services deployed by the center :
 “Listen & Talk Programm”
 Hearing Screening for Newborns
 Diagnostic Audiological Services for Adults
 Hearing aid services for adults
 Pediatric Diagnostic Audiology Services
 Paediatric hearing aid services
 Cochlear implants
 Bone conduction hearing aids
 Middle ear implants
 Verbal auditory therapy
 Vocational training and education
– ENT Consultation

Hyperbaric Medicine and Diving Centre

It is the first centre fully serving the civilian community. It deals with all aspects of prevention and treatment of patients in the marine environment, from mask diving to diving in submarines. The most well-known diseases affecting divers are decompression sickness and arterial gas embolism.

Services deployed by the centre :
– Consultation in hyperbaric and diving medicine
– Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
– Management of problematic wounds
– Emergency Diving Service

Centre for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

The Centre for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases specializes in the treatment of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Specialist physicians, surgeons, nurses and nutritionists help patients to better manage chronic bowel disorders. This specialized centre works hand in hand with the gastrointestinal centre.

Services deployed by the centre :
– Drug treatment
– Dietetics
– Support Group

Centre for Obstetrics and Gynecology (O&G)

The Obstetrics and Gynaecology Centre at Singapore General Hospital is a women-only centre. They offer a multidisciplinary service as well as multiple consultations carried out on the same day with specialists in different fields, in order to benefit from a personalised experience and care adapted to your needs. From diagnosis to treatment and advice, this centre offers an ultrasound service that is very well known in Singapore.

Obstetrics Services :
– Maternity Care
– Early Pregnancy Evaluation Unit
– High-risk obstetrics
– First Trimester Screening and Non-Invasive Prenatal Tests
– Chorionic villi sampling
– Amniocentesis
– Fetal ultrasound, including fetal abnormality, growth and Doppler ultrasounds
– External cephalic version
– Breastfeeding clinic
– Postpartum Assessment Clinic

Gynecological Services :
– Climatic clinic
– Endometriosis Clinic
– General Gynecology Clinic
– Gynaecological ultrasound
– Colposcopy
– Cone biopsy and LEEP
– HPV vaccination
– Smear screening
– Oncological surgery

Urogynecological Services :
– Urodynamic tests
– Urogynecology clinics
– Postpartum Assessment Clinic

Orthopedic sports and joint centre

This specialized centre is one of the most important in the hospital. It has many subspecialties, such as the adult reconstruction service which deals with all bone, degenerative and inflammatory diseases. Thanks to a team of practitioners supported by auxiliary specialties such as radiology or physiotherapy, Singapore General Hospital guarantees continuous care for its patients. Orthopaedic sports medicine as well as joint medicine are the focus of this specialist centre.

Services offered by the centre :
 Adult Reconstruction Service
 Foot and Ankle Service
 Spine Service
 Sports Services
 Trauma Department
 Tumour Department

Center for Pain Management

The Pain Management Centre is a very reputable centre of the Singapore General Hospital. It is one of the only centres with an accredited unit for training in pain medicine outside Australia and New Zealand. With its international team of physiotherapists, psychologists and pain nurses, it provides a wide range of chronic and disabling pain care to its patients.

Services deployed by the centre :
– Epidural injections
– Nerve blockages
– Trigger point injections
– Radio Frequency Thermoablation
– Neurostimulation
– Intrathecal administration of drugs.

Rehabilitation Centre

The main objective of the rehabilitation centre is to provide the autonomy necessary to carry out daily tasks for all patients with this need. For post-surgery complications, traumas or any kind of handicap, Singapore General Hospital will follow its patients physically and psychologically.

Services deployed by the centre :
– Occupational therapy
– Physiotherapy
– Speech Therapy

Transplant Centre

This specialised centre at the Singapore General Hospital aims to facilitate patient care by enabling patients to benefit from fast, travel-free care. It includes all the equipment and medical body necessary for any type of transplant.

Services deployed by the center :
 Kidney transplant program
– Donor and Recipient Evaluation
– Pre-operative care and advice
– Post-transplant care and advice
– Specialty Pharmacies
– Dietetics
– Phlebotomy services
– Intravenous drug infusions
– Intravenous infusions of blood products

Urology Center

This centre treats all patients suffering from urological disorders, such as uro-oncology, female urology, andrology and uro-dynamics.

Services deployed by the centre :
– Genitourinary cancers
– Prostate diseases
– Female urology and incontinence
– Urinary stones
– Transplantation
– Infertility and andrology
– Erectile dysfunction

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